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the one with the bomber jacket

outfit details:
bomber: express | t-shirt jeans & shoes: zara | bag: old navy | sunnies: drew’s raybans
photography by:
Drew Scott

Hey there everyone! I’m back and I just now realized that I didn’t edit these photos at all. Yikes … Oh well, c’est la vie.

Anyways I feel like I say this every time I take an unplanned hiatus from the blog, but things really have been busy. First, I got hired full time at my job so I’m going in five days a week, and I’m either busy or still working on weekends so finding time to shoot is really hard. And second, it gets dark SO early here!

Luckily, Drew and I were able to grab coffee yesterday and snap these before the sun went down. It’s that weird time of year in LA where it’s warm during the day but quite cold when it gets later. So I’ve been draping this bomber jacket over my shoulders recently to put on when it gets cold. Bomber jackets are super in right now so I’m glad I had this one hidden in my closet. I really want an over-sized bomber but this cropped one that I got from Express a few years ago works too!

Funny story about these shoes, though. If you follow me on snapchat (@vivalahannah)- you’ve already heard the story. BUT, after coffee yesterday, I noticed that those amazing Zara platforms that I’ve been wearing this past month or so, are TWO DIFFERENT SIZES. Yep. A 37 and a 38. How I didn’t notice until now is beyond me, but there you go. So, pro tip: always check shoe sizes when you buy them.

I’m also headed to Brownsville tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding, so I’m excited to see the fambam!

So until next time!

xx Hannah

“she wasn’t looking for a knight. she was looking for a sword” -atticus

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  1. That’s unfortunate girl! Did you manage to make exchange for your size? Love the simple and easy ensemble 🙂

    Hope you had a great time with the fambam!!

    Real Life Nerd

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